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At the venue. Ready to rock with Mighty High Coup.

At the venue. Ready to rock with Mighty High Coup.

[SHOW] Mighty High Coup & Mr. SOS @ Hoodlab Colorado


Fans of music, hip-hop with good rappers, or legal weed may want to be near Denver, Colorado this weekend where Mighty High Coup & Mr. SOS will be there rocking socks off with some of their greatest hits which include “808”, “BOOM”, “Roll Up”, “Black Out”, “On It” and “Booyao!” (ok I made up that last one).

Seriously though, this will be one for the record books, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the mentioned artists performing. By the way, you won’t want to miss Mr. SOS’s solo set!

So come lend us your ears at Hoodlab Colorado on Saturday, February 15th, the day after Valentines Day, and enjoy the show or catch the highlights later on YouTube. Either way, something is getting broken.

[NEWS] 404 Day Lineup Announced

Welcome to Atlanta, bitches. That’s area code 404, and with 4.04 just a little under 4 months away (3), that can only mean one thing, right? 404 Day! I suggest you roll with it, because it’s going to be awesome. I’ll give you 1 reason why…. because I will be there. Another reason? Killer Mike will be there. Just look at the flyer. Everyone will be there. You should be too. 404 Day will be taking place at the old 4th ward in Atlanta. I suggest you plan to be there.

#NowPlaying Mr. SOS - “2013” (produced by Ricky Raw)

In 2011 everybody was talking about 2012, the year many people thought would be the apocalypse. I however, was talking about “2013”, proving that life can go on past the end of the world.. and now we have survived another year. Happy 2014, everybody.

Looks like I also predicted something else in the song 2013 (besides the fact that the world wasn’t going to end). I would be "starting over again" like the song says with many new chapters in my life. I would be starting my journey as a 100% independent artist/label (free agent) and getting my own label, Superthought Productions, off the ground, generating the most sales I’ve ever had in my career. Also, my child custody cases were finally closed and both my daughters now visit and stay the night regularly, and in December my lady and I went to the courthouse and got married (thanks to my wife for the love & support). It turns out what many people thought was the end was truly just a new beginning. Or, maybe you can say I saved the world by putting the song out into the universe in 2011. Sure, why not. You’re welcome.

Ante Meridian (Rozewood x Mr. Enok) - “Nat King Cobra” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Welcome to the Atlanta underground hip hop scene. Many patrons of the area know of this group, Ante Meridian, which consists of sharp spittin’ MC Rozewood and local super producer Mr. Enok. In my opinion, Ante Meidian are quite possibly the best group on the Atlanta underground scene right now… and I guess I should say along side my group, Mighty High Coup, but the 2 are completely different animals. These guys do what I also do on my solo material, and that is simple. Do true school hip hop music and do it justice.

I’m happy to post this because if you haven’t heard of these guys yet and you’re a fan of my music then you should definitely check them out. Not to mention you’ll be hearing collaborations between us on future projects.

Now about this music video, Nat King Cobra. It’s directed by Will Feagins Jr. and it made me laugh out loud more than once. Not to mention, the track sounds fresh to death, which is something you can always expect from these two.

Nat King Cobra will be on the upcoming album "Sons of Heaven" dropping January 14, 2014 via Autumn + Colour Records

Mr. SOS - Trains Never Get Sidetracked EP gets reviewed on Vice


In case you missed it, Trains Never Get Sidetracked was recently reviewed on, and unless you live in Portugal you may have missed it. The article can be read here However, if you are unable to read Portuguese, you may have a hard time understanding it, so I have taken the liberty of having it translated for you. Thanks to Marcus Aurelius for the translation. Enjoy the read:


In 1989 the Beastie Boys released one of their best (probably the best) album, Paul’s Boutique, which contained one of my favorite songs from the group - “Stop That Train”. In 2011, rapper Allen Halloween affirms that “trains should not move backward”, in the already classic “Drunfos” of the fantastic Árvore Kriminal. Just a year later in 2012, Mr. SOS again from the other side of the Atlantic, released Trains Never Get Side Tracked, confirming that there exists in trains something mythical and unattainable in common with mortals and that, in addition, insists on providing beautiful moments in hip-hop.

Mr. SOS must be one of the pure talents in hip-hop to whom little attention is paid and (unfortunately) this will probably extend to this record. However, we are here to do it justice: Trains Never Get Side Tracked is an EP consisting of 16 songs, seeing as the second half is composed entirely of instrumental versions of the initial eight tracks. On any other record this could appear to be irrelevant but here it allows us to delight even more in the excellent production (provided primarily by Abeo Rzo) which sustains the record. Does this say that only the melodies [instrumentals] are important on this record? No, very much to the contrary: Mr. SOS is the owner of an excellent and very proper flow which expands on every song, resulting in a varied and refreshing sound – take note, for example, how he uniquely accompanies the hypnotic beats in “Hallways & Doorways”.

Trains Never Get Side Tracked is an EP which can – and should – be enjoyed in its entirety, as its instrumental section, aside from being able to be appreciated on its own, in all its’ splendor, reinforces the beautiful, original tracks and gives a renewed interest in what alone would be an excellent ensemble of hip-hop songs. This is a train that does not move backward.

Author: João Diogo Pereira


Mighty High Coup - Going Gone

(SOS Verse)

In deep seclusion I see illusions
I hear the voices,
I feel their movements.
I’m speaking to ‘em. You think it’s stupid.
I think I might be super human.
I’m overboard on my own accord.
Can’t be fuckin with the bullshit y’all be on.
I’m far beyond. Y’all hardly gone.
Took the autobahn and I’ve gone to Mars.
Reminiscin’ bout past days,
Wishing I could make the clock’s hands change
But since I can’t go back
I just have to live with the choices that were made.
Stuck in a chapter
No flux capacitor to go back and adjust the past for ya
Fucking disaster.
Actually the only point of no return is stuck in a casket,
But fuck all of that shit
Been to hell & back. In fact I’m in transit.
Been back. Now I’m going forward.
Whenever this door knocks don’t ignore it.
It might be something worth more then golden.
Game face. All day. Always scoring.
Trying to be a father to both my daughters
But they moms acting like they on Maury Povich.
Shouts out to the fam.
You know I’ll always love you.
It don’t matter where I am.
Hip hop & soul is my Rock & roll
My optimo is my pot of gold.
No leprechan. Upper echelon
But when my set is done then I’m going going gone.


Holy shit. I’ve been slacking on my tumbr-ing. Well, I may have seemed silent online, but offline I’ve been pretty busy. Too busy to even post about it.. but I’m back. Here’s an idea. I’ll make more time for you if you make more time for me. Deal? Cool. Here we go.

"Look who’s back from outer space,
I just stepped off the spaceship,
Mighty High Coup and the ADHD
With a brand new bass hit..”

In case you missed it, this past Halloween (yes, I told you I’ve been slacking) we dropped a new Mighty High Coup song and music video as a surprise (before Beyonce), full of zombies, decapitated heads, graffiti artists, and oh yeah, weed (subliminal pro-legalization, guys. Come on, this is deep stuff here).

For some people the holidays are a dark time, but let’s take this day to count our blessings, no matter hot few or many. Every cloud has a silver lining. #HappyThanksgiving

For some people the holidays are a dark time, but let’s take this day to count our blessings, no matter hot few or many. Every cloud has a silver lining. #HappyThanksgiving